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"Xanthe's considerable writing talent and wide subject knowledge are matched in equal strength by her incisive tutoring and teaching skills. All of this makes her the perfect choice for 1:1 tutoring in a variety of subjects from KS3 through to post-grad studies. I have found her literary knowledge and insights invaluable in the development of my own writing. Furthermore, she has proved herself to be a well-organised and successful teacher of larger groups in the context of school and conference settings."

Heather Taylor, writer & teacher


Courses & Workshops

Xanthe is happy to visit schools, Writers Groups and conferences as a speaker and/or tutor for groups of all sizes. From introducing creative writing to developing literary fiction, each course is tailored to your individual group's requirements.  Courses can be a couple of hours, a couple of days, or longer in a residential setting.  As well as writing workshops, Xanthe also provides talks and courses inspiring teenagers to fulfil their potential.

Tuition & Mentoring*

Since 2001, Xanthe has enjoyed supporting students from Key Stage 3 to undergraduate level. The benefits of tuition show themselves not only in increased academic achievement, but also in the emotional and social development of the individual through increased confidence and motivation.  As well as concentrating on the student's specific areas of difficulty, time is taken to develop learning skills and exam techniques.


*Tuition is available in Rutland and surrounding areas

What others say...

"Xanthe was a very popular choice to lead our day-long workshop.  She led us through a series of exercises designed to get the creative juices flowing and flow they certainly did."

Maggie Cobbett, Ripon Writers' Group


"By the end of the course not only had the clouds lifted, the scales fallen from my eyes, or whatever other cliche you want to use, but ambition had been kindled.  A real measure of Xanthe's teaching methods and ability to inspire."

Peter Lyons, Swanwick Writers' Summer School


"We found Xanthe to be very entertaining and her 'low key' manner was really motivating.  Many members commented on how fired up Xanthe had made them.  Maybe Xanthe should put her enthusiasm and encouragement in a bottle and sell it."

Martin Brocklebank, Chairman, Speakeasy

"Since tutoring me for my GCSEs, Xanthe has given me continued support and drive to believe in myself and my chosen career in nursing. She has become not only a tutor but also a great friend."

Harriet, GCSE Maths & Science, BSc Adult Nursing


"Xanthe helped me not only to develop individual revision techniques, but also to enable me to analyse and further my own ideas and opinions on topics: something which is not always possible in a class environment where attention is divided.  Having a serious as well as lighthearted revision tutor like Xanthe is invaluable in breaking up what is otherwise monotonous hours of solitary work, making revision more digestible."

Charlie, A2 English & Ancient History


"I'd have been ****ed without you!"

Ellie, A2 English Language, BSc Linguistics

Previous courses

  • Ways of Seeing: The Novel (2014), Accessing Creativity (2013), Creating Images Through Words (2008), Enjoying Writing Literary Fiction (2007)  Swanwick Writers’ Summer School
  • Creativity & Confidence (2012), Ways of Seeing: Finding your writing style (2009) Ripon Writers Group
  • Inspiring Writing (2011), Get Write In! (2010) Uppingham Summer School
  • You're In Charge (2011), UP 2U: Success, what it means and how to get it (2010), Creative Writing Group (2010) Uppingham School Year 11-13
  • Writing & Confidence (2010) Speakeasy Writing Group, Milton Keynes
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