Coaching & Editing

The Writerspace offers a range of writing support, from short-term grammatical editing to long-term creative coaching.  This support is appropriate for professional and aspiring fiction and non-fiction writers alike.  Most clients use a combination of the following services to achieve their requirements. For a quote to suit your needs please visit the Contact page.

Stylistic Editing

This is a popular choice among both fiction and non-fiction writers, especially when preparing a text for submission to an agent or publisher.  Focussing on the grammar, style and formatting of your work, it leaves you free to concentrate on the content.

Creative Coaching

Creative Coaching provides you with coaching and mentoring as you write and edit your manuscript.  This one-to-one relationship focuses on your personal requirements, helping you to achieve your writing goals whilst supporting you as a writer.

Manuscript Report

An individual response to your manuscript, a Manuscript Report can be adapted to address any specific issues of your choice.  The report provides you with an overall impression of your text. 

What others say...

"What I really value is Xanthe's ability to spot not only the technical flaws of my writing, grammar, punctuation, etc. but also those aspects of the writing that improve the reader experience.  Her challenges seem frequently insightful as well as expert."

Julie Starr, The Coaching Manual & Brilliant Coaching


"You have given me the confidence to start believing again that my book can and will be published and to think that people would enjoy reading it.  Plus your writing tips and advice are invaluable."

Katie White, Scotland  


"Working with Xanthe transformed my book from 'OK' to 'great'. She has a fantastic ear for dialogue, and can transform a bloated unwieldy paragraph into something sharp and punchy with a few sharp strokes of her red pen. Without her, I wouldn't have ever gotten the novel to a stage where it could be published, and I am incredibly grateful."

Christopher Dicken, author of Interplanetary Homesick Blues


"I have found meeting Xanthe an inspiration; she has great organisational skills and manages to get the best out of any writer.  Her demeanour makes her easiliy approachable and I always enjoy the time that we spend together and come away with a renewed energy for writing."

Katherine Parris, Brittany



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